Fast fish eat slow fish

The drive to transform

Business Transformation can be described as a way of systematically altering the basic elements that make up an organisation’s DNA being its structure, its processes, its strategy, etc. During the past couple of years Business Transformation has become a hype. That is mainly due to the underlying factors that drive companies to transform: global economic shifts, changes in governmental regulations, mergers, competitive threats, performance crises, technological change and many more. All of these factors create environmental turbulence for companies.  Therefore, building Business Transformation capabilities has become a precondition for businesses to safeguard continuity as well as long-term success.

Transforming Autogrill

Business Transformation expert ViCre, who’s also Prime Foundation Partner of the Vlerick Centre for Excellence in Business Process Management, has closely guided the transformation process at Autogrill Belgium. In 2006, a combination of transformation drivers reached a peak at Autogrill, part of the world’s largest provider of catering services to travellers. In the aftermath of a merger and serious financial distress, the company embarked on a Business Transformation journey that expanded from Belgium to the Netherlands and France and is still evolving to this day.

This transformation story provides a valuable example and insights into how Business Transformation can be managed in practice. The story triggers critical thinking about major pitfalls and success factors. It provides interesting input to help us understand how Business Process Management can play an important role in helping companies to transform to cope with the contemporary environmental turbulence.

About ViCre

Founded in 2004, the company offers business transformation consulting for its customers in Europe and the USA. Vicre’s customers transform radically, and are setting out on a journey involving strategy, knowledge and leadership development.

Source: Fast Fish Eat Slow Fish – Building Transformational Capability at Autogrill by researchers Maarten Geebels (Vlerick Business School), Joachim Van den Bergh (Vlerick Business School), professor Stijn Viaene (Vlerick Business School and KU Leuven), and Eddy Helsen (Managing Director, ViCre).

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