Flanders DC and Vlerick Business School create transformative solutions tool

These days, companies not only have to offer products or services, but, if possible, solutions as well. Ideally, these are All-in-1 solutions that allow various products, services and technologies to be integrated according to the customer’s requirements.

The Flanders DC Knowledge Centre at Vlerick Business School has conducted a study concerning the transformation of companies into solution providers. With the aid of a 10-point plan, the study describes how companies can go through this transformation successfully.

From caterpillar to butterfly

Through this study, the Flanders DC Knowledge Centre has developed a solutions tool that was recently presented in the ‘Creativity Talks’ series – info evenings around organisational creativity, presented by the Flanders DC Knowledge Centre and Vlerick Business School.

The solutions tool – called ‘Going once, going twice, going all the way!’ (‘Eenmaal, andermaal, totaal!’) – helps companies rethink their business model and then offers total solutions for optimisation. This process enables them to transform successfully from being a company to being a solution provider.

Enlarging your view

Based on Alexander Osterwalder’s Canvas business model, companies are inspired to reconsider their own business model with the help of a number of simple steps. They evolve from a product-driven to a thoroughly customer-centred approach and from vertical disintegration to vertical integration in order to satisfy the customer’s demands and needs – so that, in turn, the customer can enter into a long-term relationship with the solution provider.

Conclusion of the workshop: going back-to-basics and examining your business model with a new outlook can enlarge your view of your company. “Tomorrow, I’m hanging this completed canvas on my office wall,” said Laurent Verheyden from Soprema after the workshop. Other entrepreneurs also left determined to apply the tool immediately to their own business model.

Click here to order the free toolkit (in Dutch only).

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