Green frontier

Environmental pioneers can still dominate markets reluctant to reward them

They may be eco-friendly, but clean tech companies confront hostile markets. In order to prevail, they will need to attract customers prepared to pay more for a green product, perform better than competitors, or change the rules of the game.

Clean technology is an expanding business frontier as companies race to find innovative market solutions to heal and prevent environmental wounds. Yet in order to succeed clean tech companies need to do more than promote their green credentials: they have to challenge market principles that put them at a disadvantage.

The keys to their survival include identifying customers willing to pay a premium to save the planet; beating competitors in a straight fight by simply making better products; and taking a more radical approach to change market rules and create a level playing field for clean tech.

Research by professor Jan Lepoutre at Vlerick Business School explores what green entrepreneurs must do to exploit opportunities in hostile markets and offers tools to help them assess what is viable.

Lessons outlined in the Flanders DC Knowledge Centre report, “Identifying Opportunities in Clean Technologies”, will be of great value to businesses and policymakers heralding an environmentally friendly future.

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