Thriving through turbulence: insights from a series of 3 online sessions with Vlerick strategy experts

These are challenging times for strategists who are asked to devise a path to long-term success for their organisations. How to live up to the expectation? This question was at the centre of three online live sessions during which Vlerick strategy experts put the Covid-19 crisis into perspective, reflected on its broader implications for businesses, and talked about building a strategy for the new normal.

As the initiative was a huge success, we are delighted to make the recordings available for those who missed our sessions.

Session 1: Thriving through a crisis

By Professor Martin Weiss and Professor Kurt Verweire

In this session, we put the Covid-19 crisis into context and exchanged on best practices to thrive through turbulent times. 

  • Get real about all the causes of your crisis 
  • Solve the liquidity crisis to protect your core and regain profitability 
  • Act quick, thorough, and strict when you restructure 
  • Go back to the basics of strategy: check out the status of your competitive arena 
  • Start building “absorptive agility”

Session 2: Business strategy and Covid-19 - the broader picture

By Professor Filip Abraham and Professor Leonardo Meeus

In this session, we looked into how Covid-19 is changing the global business environment in which firms operate, and how this is structurally reshaping international business strategies and the way organisations are dealing with key stakeholders such as the government and society as a whole.

  • Macro-Economic impact is substantial and economic recovery is not around the corner 
  • Structural shifts in international business are strengthened by the pandemic 
  • Business as usual is not an option when society changes following a crisis 
  • Disaster relief during a societal crisis is a unique reputation opportunity for companies 
  • The Green Recovery Alliance is a business opportunity for companies that can provide solutions

Session 3: Strategy for the day after

By Professor Kerstin Fehre and Professor Carine Peeters

In this session, we looked beyond the immediate disruptive effects of the Covid-19 crisis and discussed how you can build a strategy that prepares your company for an uncertain future.

  • Optimise the decision-making process, by identifying your own biases and asking others for advice 
  • Opportunity or threat perception is not only linked to the industry but also depends on individual factors 
  • Stop predicting, accept you don’t know, understand uncertainties and make them part of your decision process 
  • Strategic scenarios help you see how the nature of your business may change in the future

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