Innovation keeps Flanders’ Logistics on Track

Innovation leads to growth. That is what 5 success stories in the logistics sector clearly demonstrate. Flanders will still be an attractive focal-point for logistics activities tomorrow. Certainly if we convert weaknesses into opportunities.

At a Crossroads of Trends

What direction is logistics in Flanders heading in? There are so many possibilities. Sometimes they contradict each other, but they also offer a lot of perspective. Look at it as a crossroads – where 4, sometimes conflicting, trends converge.

1 Distant and Close

What is the best way to get your products to the customer? The answer is: centralisation and decentralisation. By centralising logistics activities, you save costs and reduce your inventory. But how do you satisfy customers that expect fast, flexible service? By decentralising: so that products do not have to travel so far.

2 There and Here

Companies are busy relocating their production from Western to Eastern Europe. Does the logistics sector relocate too? That is possible. But our region will still be in demand. This is where the market is, and the added value of the logistics sector is always closer to the customer. Delocalisation and localisation: are they keeping each other in balance?

3 Location and Space

Saving costs? You can do that by outsourcing your logistics to others. Result: growing consolidation. The big players offer a complete service with all possible means of transport. The location counts too. Two of Flanders’ strengths are its central location and extensive transport network. However, there is less room here for large amounts of storage – but that is what other regions and countries have to offer.

4 Sustainable and Smart

Sustainable logistics reduces both costs and environmental impact. You can fill lorries optimally or combine with transport via water or rail. Smart logistics makes it easier to trace goods, manage inventory, and take decisions. Sustainable and smart: Flemish logistics is both.

About Flanders DC

Flanders District of Creativity is the Flemish organisation for business creativity. It was founded by the Flemish Government as a non-profit organization and enjoys broad support. Flemish businesses, academics, and public institutions use Flanders DC as a platform for cooperation and for building a more creative region. Creativity is the key ingredient in making companies more successful and in helping regional governments fuel a healthy economy with more jobs.

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