Setting Priorities in Healthcare

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Our research insights translated into added value for you and your organisation Research – either academic or research for business – can only be valuable when shared. That’s why we translate our research into easy-to-read whitepapers focusing on the key insights that are relevant for you as a manager. This way, your organisation can profit directly from the latest research, the newest theories, the expertise of our faculty and much more.


This white paper explores the current situation in the healthcare sector – and where it could be in the future. It outlines how we can make our health organisations more innovative – and crucially, how we can decide which ideas are worth investing in.

Key insights

  1. To get to a future where our healthcare is proactive – rather than reactive, we need to innovate faster and to experiment more.
  2. Smart technology will create an ecosystem where all aspects of healthcare are linked – and professionals and individuals will have access to all the information they need.
  3. To have an innovative culture you need: a clear vision, understanding, empathic leadership and a supportive atmosphere.
  4. A number of tools that can help you todecide if an innovative idea is worth pursuing.

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Setting Priorities in Healthcare

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