Shadow or not? A business intelligence tale at KBC Bank

This case is available at ECCH with reference 909-003-8.

This case allows for an elaboration on the nature of competing on analytics, and an exploration of the Business Intelligence (BI) environment in support hereof. At the same time, the case enables a discussion about the oftentimes delicate balancing act of combining a need for enterprise-wide integration and standardization of a technology platform on the one hand, and on the other hand an idiosyncratic business-side demand for less constrained and more entrepreneurial use of technology for business generation.

Part A of the case goes as follows. Mark Casselman, in charge of Commercial Processes and Systems at KBC (Belgium home market), was troubled. The CIO had appointed a new BI manager to size up the BI activities at KBC in order to professionalize the BI environment. Mark was worried that the RIENet, a virtual network of information exploitation profiles that had grown seamlessly within Retail over the last couple of years, would be under siege. He feared it would be dismissed as mere shadow IT, but was ready to fight. Mark was adamant about the network’s value for home market competition.

In Part B of the case, that is distributed after having had a discussion based on Part A, we get Martin’s initial response to the brief encounter with Mark that sparked this story.

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