Strategy matters

Governments are keenly aware of the contribution small- and medium-sized enterprises can make to enhancing market integration in the EU and improving its global performance. But research suggests that institutional support is not yet responding fully to the diverse needs of SMEs with ambitions to succeed in global markets.

Jonas Onkelinx and Leo Sleuwaegen examine companies in Flanders and identify the need for an approach going beyond
a traditional emphasis on export promotion to take in the significant variation in the strategies of SMEs.

Determinants of Successful Internationalization by SMEs in Flanders” builds a comprehensive profile of SMEs, identifies what
it takes for them to succeed in foreign markets, and assesses whether support agencies meet their needs.

The report has important implications for managers of internationalizing firms and makes valuable recommendations for
policymakers that suggest they need to orient agencies squarely behind a firm’s own internationalization strategy.

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