Transforming finance in an ICT organisation

To prepare to meet greater competition resulting from the liberalisation and privatisation of Europe’s railway system, ICTRA’s Finance Department of the Belgian Railways Group undertook a process of transformation in collaboration with Deloitte Consulting Belgium. The case study that has now been published in collaboration with Vlerick Business School outlines the transformation project and can inspire other ICT organisations seeking similar results.

ICTRA – Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Rail – is a shared services centre that provides ICT development and support services to the entire Belgian Railways Group.

Starting in 2005, ICTRA was confronted with challenges from both outside and inside the organisation: externally, the liberalisation of Europe’s railway system was raising the level of competition substantially; internally, the business entities wanted to be treated as ICTRA customers, thus receiving high-quality ICT services at a competitive price.

These challenges to upgrade its services and cost-effectiveness provided the context for the transformation of ICTRA’s Finance Department. The department formulated a vision of becoming a true partner to the business and delivering total solutions. It then embarked on a transformation path to realise that vision.

The Finance Transformation Project

In 2008, ICTRA launched its Finance Transformation Project. The aim of the project was to increase operational process effectiveness in order to ensure a more high-performance, business-oriented approach to service delivery. The project consisted of three phases: (1) establish commitment, (2) gain credibility and (3) prove competence.

The published case study explains the rationale for (and the changes implemented in) each of the phases, discusses the shift in mind-set required of both management and staff, and offers advice for ICT organisations with similar ambitions. Ultimately, ICTRA’s finance transformation project can serve as a blueprint for ICT organisations seeking greater alignment and engagement with the needs and expectations of business.

Downloas the full case study: 'Finance transformation in an ICT support organisation – A case study at the Belgian Railways ICTRA'


Nathalie Demeere is a Manager in Deloitte Consulting Belgium’s Finance Transformation Services.
Luc Lutin is a Senior Research Associate at Vlerick Business School.
Stijn Viaene is a Professor of Management and IT at KU Leuven and a Partner of Vlerick Business School, where he chairs the Operations & Technology Management Competence Centre. At Vlerick he currently holds the Deloitte Research Chair "Bringing IT to Board Level"
Olivier Jolyon is a Senior Manager in Deloitte Consulting Belgium’s Technology Advisory Services.


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