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    Sales people would not recommend their company or job to others

    In general, people performing a sales function are quite satisfied. However, they would not recommend their company to others looking for a sales job. This is the surprising conclusion of a recent study on sales force effectiveness conducted by Professor Deva Rangarajan, head of the Sales Management Forum at Vlerick Business School. The findings are based on qualitative interviews with both senior sales executives and sales people in the field from over 40 companies, combined with a quantitative online questionnaire.

  2. The Resourceful Paradox

    The Resourceful Paradox

    The cost of failing to react to competition can be exceptionally high: challengers often topple market leaders. An examination of how resources influence the way managers weigh up competitors suggests companies need to remain vigilant if they are to fight back effectively.

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    Barco: leading the Events Market

    In 2004, Barco is a leading player in the market for events projection for large and extra large venues. Barco’s Events Business Unit is the biggest business unit of the Barco Media and Entertainment Division. Chris Colpaert, Director Product Management is returning from Infocomm, the most important tradeshow for audiovisual professionals in the world, and needs to decide which product line decisions to take in response to the competitive developments in the market. As he prepares for a meeting with the Business Unit and Division directors, he is considering four options. The four options represent different innovation strategies.

34 results Number of Results per Page