White paper - Electric vehicles and DSOs: working towards a joint future?


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The energy sector is likely to face more changes in the next 10 years than in the last 100. New technologies, organisational challenges, regulation… they will affect you, as a business and as a customer. But change also equals opportunities – even if there are no easy answers. The Vlerick Energy Centre will help you to master that change. We will challenge you to think ahead and find new solutions for tomorrow’s world.

Vlerick Expertise in Energy

  1. Europe's electricity markets: why they are the way they are

    The title of Professor Leonardo Meeus’ new book speaks for itself. ‘The Evolution of Electricity Markets in Europe’ describes the evolution of the electricity market since liberalisation began in the late 1990s. What have the most significant challenges been? What solutions were found and how have these solutions led to new problems that needed new solutions of their own?
  2. Electric vehicles and DSOs: working towards a joint future?

    Can the power grid meet any increased electricity demand from electric vehicles? Whether or not there is or will be an issue depends on the uptake of plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles. Although demand for electric vehicles is growing, mainstream adoption is still far from being achieved. Nevertheless, DSOs and regulators are already seriously considering the challenges ahead. In this white paper, you will find a round-up of findings and insights from a workshop within our DSO Chair.
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