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  1. exercising control

    Exercising control over supplier performance

    The belief that firms can be more efficient and effective when they concentrate on core activities and let specialist service providers take care of the rest has made outsourcing the provision of services a rapidly rising trend: from 2001 to 2009, the worldwide services outsourcing market grew from $65 billion to $110 billion, and it is forecasted to reach $130 billion by 2013.

  2. Money

    Could being tax compliant on transfer-pricing actually be bad for business?

    International transfer pricing, that is, the setting of a price for internal transactions within a multinational group, is irretrievably linked to international tax law. In seeking equity across borders, tax law imposes the arm’s length principle as the yardstick to judge the fairness and correctness of the transfer pricing system, in line with the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines.

  3. Choices

    Customer lifetime value analysis at Comtel

    Previous research shows that cooperation between marketing and sales departments on the one hand and finance and accounting departments on the other hand is not always satisfactory. More recent developments in management accounting however propose models and methods that are very useful for marketing and sales professionals.

3 results Number of Results per Page