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  1. White paper: 4 observations about generation Y

    4 observations about generation Y

    As a people manager, you have to deal with differences between your team members. Some of these differences might be harder to understand than others. ‘Generation Y’, Millennials or the Millennial Generation (1982-2000). As insight into the expectations, intentions, ambitions and dominant values of other generations is crucial to managing people, we’ll help you clear up the following 4 myths about Generation Y.

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    “It remains quite a challenge to fill vacancies”

    The world of recruitment and selection is in constant movement. The job market is shrinking day by day and the available candidates are asking different questions compared to the past. Research into new trends in selection and recruitment at Vlerick Business School commissioned by Federgon illustrates the main challenges for the future.

  3. Developing employee competencies: a study of the employee’s perspective

    Developing employee competencies: a study of the employee’s perspective

    Competency development is a crucial driving force for increasing employee effectiveness and employability. Therefore, organisations are taking a number of initiatives to stimulate competency development. But are these initiatives penetrating all the way down to the work floor? That’s the central question of “Best Practices in Competency Development: a survey of employees” – a research project conducted by Ine Willemse, Sara De Hauw and Ans De Vos.

  4. Career management: Take control of your career!

    Career management: take control of your career

    Developing a successful career is largely in your own hands. Although a career is very important to employees, staff rarely take action to develop their careers. They often look expectantly at employers when it comes to career management, however, this is rarely a good plan, as organisations also appear to be falling short in terms of career guidance.

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