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  1. Developing employee competencies: a study of the employee’s perspective

    Developing employee competencies: a study of the employee’s perspective

    Competency development is a crucial driving force for increasing employee effectiveness and employability. Therefore, organisations are taking a number of initiatives to stimulate competency development. But are these initiatives penetrating all the way down to the work floor? That’s the central question of “Best Practices in Competency Development: a survey of employees” – a research project conducted by Ine Willemse, Sara De Hauw and Ans De Vos.

  2. Gender distinction

    Female managers score high on leadership

    Over the years, numerous studies have reported that female managers score better than male managers in the areas of empathy, communication and collaboration. Now, recent research conducted by Prof Katleen De Stobbeleir and researcher Céline Claus of Vlerick Business School shows that they score better for coaching, stakeholder management, handling diversity and results-orientation as well.

  3. Fingers typing

    The Feedback Gamble: Being proactive can be risky if an employee is not up to speed

    In today’s dynamic workplace employees are expected to be proactive - seeking feedback, taking the initiative, selling ideas, taking charge, revising tasks and building social networks. But a new study shows that some employees may, in fact, pay a price for sticking their head above the parapet if they are not known to be top performers.

4 results Number of Results per Page