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  1. The importance of cross-industry innovation in an inspiration-driven economy

    Whereas the growth of our economy used to be determined by efficiency, these days it is mostly driven by inspiration and creativity. Very often, it is not enough for companies to keep looking within the confines of their own company or even their own branch of industry. On behalf of Flanders DC, Vlerick Business School therefore examined what makes cross-industry innovation successful. In addition, the study was recently translated into the new, practical online tool

  2. Creativity is not result, it’s a process

    Creativity is all about generating as much ground-breaking ideas as possible. You put up idea boxes in the canteen, organise regular brainstorming sessions and your organisation will be brimming with creativity, on the forefront of innovation in no time. Right? Not quite. “Statistics show that only few ideas actually get implemented. Granted, not all ideas are feasible, but implementation often fails because organisations lack a proper innovation process,” explains Professor Katleen De Stobbeleir.

  3. What drives regional innovation in the EU?

    Prof Leo Sleuwaegen and researcher Priscilla Boiardi have published a paper that analyses EU regional patenting activity − a strong indicator of regional innovation − within a system of creative change driven by 4 fundamental factors: institutions, intelligence, infrastructure, and inspiration. Prof Leo Sleuwaegen: “We developed this paper from research that we conducted for the Flanders District of Creativity. In brief, we were investigating what makes regions creative in terms of innovation, and how Flanders is performing benchmarked against all the other regions in the EU.

  4. My passion? I am an entrepreneur

    Passion and entrepreneurship are inextricably linked. At least, that's what the many entrepreneurs’ stories we hear every day suggest. But are successful entrepreneurs always passionate about what they do? What actually defines passion? What role does it play for entrepreneurs? And how might we be able to encourage it more successfully? These questions are addressed in a recent study by the Flanders DC Knowledge Centre at Vlerick Business School. Veroniek Collewaert and Jacob Vermeire approached BRYO, a VOKA initiative that aims to support entrepreneurial talent in Flanders.

  5. Creativity

    Creativity counts

    What’s the magic ingredient that gives certain regions a competitive edge? Research by Professor Leo Sleuwaegen and Priscilla Boiardi of Flanders DC Knowledge Centre at Vlerick Business School indicates that the answer is creativity.

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    Turn your employees into entrepreneurs

    Our knowledge society needs more than traditional entrepreneurs; it also needs employees with innovative dreams and new ideas. How do you encourage intrapreneurship within an organisation? A recent study conducted by the Flanders DC Knowledge Centre at Vlerick Business School analysed the entrepreneurial profile of employees in Flanders.

  7. Cross-disciplinary innovation in higher education: the time is now!

    Making entrepreneurial Flanders more creative and creative Flanders more entrepreneurial - how do you tackle this challenge? By bringing together two groups of people in society who can learn from one another and have complementary skills. And what better way to start with than students. By doing away with the traditional distinction between students from business disciplines and students from creative disciplines you can create a mindset that will continue when they work together later in the business world.

  8. Positive learning climate - an essential condition for creativity

    Positive learning climate – an essential condition for creativity

    Creativity converted into innovation can give an enormous boost to an organisation’s competitiveness and durability. But before launching the variety of tools available today for generating new ideas in the workplace, a solid foundation needs to be laid for nurturing creativity. Research conducted by Vlerick’s Fauve Delcour, Tina Davidson and Prof Katleen De Stobbeleir shows that the creation of a positive learning climate provides this vital foundation.

  9. Is there a new Steve Jobs in your class?

    Steve Jobs, the driving force behind Apple, was an entrepreneur par excellence. As a result, Apple’s turnover today is nearly the size of Belgium’s gross national product. Perhaps there is a new Steve Jobs sitting at a school desk somewhere amongst us – but his or her entrepreneurial talent is not being stimulated by his environment. Yearly, only 4% of our country’s population starts a new venture. Even though we were all active entrepreneurial pre-schoolers at one time. What went wrong, and how can the situation be improved?

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    Kipling: Monkey Business - Kipling tries to conquer the world

    May 1991. Flying back from Venice, Paul Van de Velde thought back about the strange meeting he and Enrico Boldoni had earlier that day with a potential Italian investor. Enrico, an elegant forty something Italian, was the franchising manager for a major department store chain in Italy. He strongly believed in the Kipling brand, and after opening the first Italian Kipling shop in a mall near Rome, decided to switch into a higher gear - opening the next 25 stores!

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