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  1. Arteconomy

    A Case Study of Arteconomy

    The Flemish non-profit organisation Arteconomy has developed a method to embed more creativity, more innovative potential and more entrepreneurship into the everyday running of their businesses by bringing businesspeople and artists together in a series of particularly unique projects. This case study, and more specifically arteconomy’s approach, provides relevant material for discussion on change as an organisational process and how to stimulate employees’ creative skills.

  2. Communication

    Downstream innovation - Why the iPhone is such a success story

    For some years now, Apple has been incomparable at capitalising on these cognitive processes and, with clever product innovations, has succeeded in redefining the market for various electronic products (e.g., computers, MP3 players, mobile phones, and so on). A connecting thread running through these innovations is the introduction of the ‘design’ aspect as a purchasing criterion, which has been innovative in the product category every time.

  3. People reading

    Bootstrap strategies for start‐ups

    Start-up companies often lack financial resources. But through well-considered and creative organisation, they can use their limited resources to achieve a maximal result. This is called ‘bootstrapping’ – using whatever means are at hand to pursue and achieve your objectives. Research has shown that this effort ultimately stimulates the company’s growth.

16 results Number of Results per Page