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  1. Whitepaper Creating Business Value with Big Data

    The word of the day is: Big Data. That is, seeking intelligence from data in order to create business advantage. It is said that big data will become as important as money or oil. We come across new applications every day − such as how big data is changing the healthcare industry by making it possible to tailor medicines to an individual’s unique genetic blueprint; or how soccer team Arsenal is changing sports management by analysing the big data collected from 8 cameras that track every player − 1.4 million data points! − throughout a match.

  2. Staying ahead of the political game.

    Staying ahead of the political game

    Some see office politics as a necessary evil; some welcome the opportunity to show their political skills. Others simply refuse to play ‘the game’. But it’s not a winning or losing game. Being politically savvy doesn’t mean that you win at the expense of someone else. It’s not about being false or self-centred either. Or playing favourites, let alone back-stabbing. On the contrary: we argue that remaining authentic is of vital importance.

  3. Conflict management

    The critical role of emotion regulation on conflict management in groups

    This study indicates that emotion regulation can benefit group effectiveness by directly reducing relationship conflict as well as by reducing the chance that task conflict escalates into relationship conflict. Although conflict is closely connected with the emotional life of groups, until now no empirical tests have been conducted on the moderating role that emotion regulation plays between task conflict and relationship conflict.

  4. Man with an idea

    Style wars

    Momentous decisions, office hostilities and uncomfortable truths… which factors dictate how we respond to the everyday trials of management? The quest to understand and influence managerial behaviour is an increasingly critical mission for employers.

  5. Target

    Kipling: Monkey Business - Kipling tries to conquer the world

    May 1991. Flying back from Venice, Paul Van de Velde thought back about the strange meeting he and Enrico Boldoni had earlier that day with a potential Italian investor. Enrico, an elegant forty something Italian, was the franchising manager for a major department store chain in Italy. He strongly believed in the Kipling brand, and after opening the first Italian Kipling shop in a mall near Rome, decided to switch into a higher gear - opening the next 25 stores!

5 results Number of Results per Page