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  1. White paper online learning

    Five things you may not know about online learning

    Online learning is becoming a more and more popular approach to professional development – and for good reason. Here are just some of some of the reasons why online learning could be a great choice for you.

  2. making students more entreprising

    Making Students More Enterprising, Does it Work?

    A large variety of initiatives are striving to stimulate the sense of entrepreneurship in students in secondary education − but do all these well-intentioned projects really make sense? The Effecto study from the Flanders DC Knowledge Centre at Vlerick Business School shows that these initiatives do indeed have an effect, although this can be further increased with small interventions. Moreover, other factors also play a definite role in stimulating entrepreneurship.

  3. Generation Y – Graduated, now what?

    Generation Y – graduated, now what?

    Final year students will be busy burning the midnight oil with that much-coveted degree in sight. But what happens after that? They throw themselves onto the job market in good spirits and full of expectation. What are their career plans? And has the crisis affected their expectations?

3 results Number of Results per Page