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  1. Corporate sponsoring

    When does Medici hurt Da Vinci?

    “Corporate social responsibility is not always a recipe for value creation. Sometimes corporate philanthropy or CSR initiatives make their recipients look bad. The question then is: what can they do to mitigate this negative effect?”, says professor Yuliya Shymko. She studied what corporate sponsoring and influence mean for non-profit recipients such as museums, theatres or universities, and to what extent we should allow this influence to be exercised.

  2. How can entrepreneurship fight poverty?

    It is something you often read: ‘Entrepreneurship is the key to fighting poverty’. But despite all of our good intentions, projects to stimulate entrepreneurship in more impoverished areas do not always deliver the results hoped for. Of what do the people initiating these projects, such as microcredit providers, NGOs and multinationals, need to be aware? As part of his doctoral research, Jacob Vermeire went to South Africa for 12 months. He believes the answer lies in the ability to place poverty and entrepreneurship within a broader perspective.

  3. Online music consumption and ethics

    In recent years, the popularisation of the World Wide Web and the rise of mobile music hardware have intensified online music piracy. Prof Dr Bert Weijters, Prof Dr Frank Goedertier and Sofie Verstreken have published an academic research study that examines music consumption preferences in today’s new context in which consumers face a myriad of music platforms with diverse business models and delivery modes. Counter-intuitively, the results show that consumers do prefer legal and ethical options, if available – but they favour different ways of making this economically viable.

  4. Ethical investor

    Take the money or run?

    Entrepreneurship research has largely focused on how venture capital (VC) investors evaluate entrepreneurs and their ventures in order to make effective investment decisions. A new study that considers VC investment from the entrepreneur’s perspective now shows that in addition to the investor’s value-added services and investment track record, his/her ethical reputation plays a key role in the entrepreneur’s evaluation.

  5. JPG

    The impact of perceived unethical behaviour on conflicts between entrepreneurs and investors

    This paper* examines the impact of perceived unethical behaviour by entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capitalists on their conflict process. Using 11 case studies, authors Veroniek Collewaert (Maastricht University) and Yves Fassin (Ghent University and Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School) have analysed conflict situations and the perception of unethical behaviour by the different parties involved.

  6. religious_investors

    Active shareholder engagement by religious investors

    Religious institutions can influence corporate behaviour by being active in the ownership of their shares, according to new research carried out by Vlerick Business School together with the International Interfaith Investment Group 3iG, along with ESADE Business School in Spain.

  7. Discussion

    SABAF: CR as best practice

    Between 1993 and 2005, Sabaf – a world-leading manufacturer of components for domestic gas cooking appliances – went through a transformation process to develop a strategic approach to Corporate Responsibility (CR) that embedded social, environmental and governance values into its organisation, its approach to business and its overall performance.

  8. Money

    Belgian top salaries lower and less variable than in our neighbouring countries

    Compared with our neighbouring countries, Belgium does not rank first as regards the level of top salaries. When comparing the remunerations of CEOs in similar companies of the same scope and listed on the stock exchange, the United Kingdom is number one, followed by Germany. Such is the conclusion of a recent survey carried out by the Executive Remuneration Research Centre at Vlerick Leuven Ghent Management School on the salaries of top managers.

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