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  1. Teaching

    Faith Institutions Find Responsible Investment an Uphill Struggle

    Religious institutions find it difficult to invest responsibly whilst maintaining a strategy that fits in with their beliefs. This was revealed by new and international research carried out by Vlerick Business School in Belgium, along with the ESADE business school in Spain and International Interfaith Investment Group 3iG. Despite the fact that faith institutions are widely considered to be the pioneers of responsible investment and make up the third largest demographic of investors globally, it appears that the stock market presents difficulties when it comes to aligning the needs of the faith with a responsible investment strategy.

  2. Concentration

    Performance management pivotal to work of CFO

    Performance management and business support will be the most important trends in the next three to five years when it comes to the work of a CFO. This is the conclusion of research carried out by Vlerick Business School and financial service provider TriFinance as part of a three-year research project aimed at providing more insight into the role of the CFO in the future.

  3. People reading

    Bootstrap strategies for start‐ups

    Start-up companies often lack financial resources. But through well-considered and creative organisation, they can use their limited resources to achieve a maximal result. This is called ‘bootstrapping’ – using whatever means are at hand to pursue and achieve your objectives. Research has shown that this effort ultimately stimulates the company’s growth.

23 results Number of Results per Page