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  1. The future is calling for smart cities

    A new trend is underway: the movement to become a smart city. The goal? Making smart use of resources to deal with today’s – and tomorrow’s – urban challenges. Based on their study of the City of Ghent (Belgium), Vlerick’s Joachim Van den Bergh and Stijn Viaene have published a report, targeted at city managers and administrators, to offer observations and recommendations for making their cities smart.

  2. Data Scientists aren’t Domain Experts

    Data-based decision-making is becoming a competitive necessity. But expectations surrounding Data Science – the burgeoning field that has grown out of what used to be called ‘business analytics’ – are being blown out of proportion. For data science to really work, you need a multi-skilled team (not just data scientists) and projects (not just data experiments). Furthermore, to generate business value, you need to connect the world of data scientists to that of domain experts.

  3. Post-Digital Innovation in Financial Services

    Changing consumer needs and expectations, combined with ‘post-digital’ technologies – such as big data, social, mobile, cloud, and cyber – are pushing the financial sector to fundamentally rethink operating and business models and to investigate new opportunities – especially mobile opportunities. A major strategic theme for the coming years will be how best to deploy one or more of these technologies to drive post-digital business innovation.

  4. LoQutus

    Enterprise Architects as Creative Organisational Designers

    Vlerick and research partner LoQutus have conducted an intensive, year-long study of Enterprise Architecture (EA). The impetus for the study was the perception that Enterprise Architects are re-positioning their function to serve their organisations more profoundly in turbulent times.

  5. Social Media

    Customer-Focused Agile Design of a Mobile Banking Application

    In this age of mobility, developing a mobile application is high on many organisations’ agendas. But a lot of these organisations have difficulty realising both business and customer value from their mobile apps. The true challenge lies in developing a mobile app that leverages your organisation’s strengths and is so convenient that your customers want to use it all the time.

  6. All together

    Transforming finance in an ICT organisation

    To prepare to meet greater competition resulting from the liberalisation and privatisation of Europe’s railway system, ICTRA’s Finance Department of the Belgian Railways Group undertook a process of transformation in collaboration with Deloitte Consulting Belgium. The case study that has now been published in collaboration with Vlerick Business School outlines the transformation project and can inspire other ICT organisations seeking similar results.

  7. Social Media

    Evolution, not imposition: Don’t dictate how staff use Web 2.0

    Web 2.0 has spawned household names such as Wikipedia, Facebook and MySpace, and offers companies a powerful tool fit for the new era of social networking. In particular, the technology maximizes the possibilities for staff to exchange and shape ideas online through networking sites, blogs, wikis and video-sharing. But do managers try to control how staff use the system, or give employees the creative freedom to shape it themselves?

  8. Case Study - Enterprise-wide Business-IT engagement at FedEx Express EMEA

    In 2003, Rob Carter, CIO of international express courier FedEx, launched the 'Six by Six' (6x6) IT transformation program: a major rationalization and centralization effort to improve FedEx's IT service delivery to its business partners. This teaching case deals with the 6x6 efforts made by the IT department for Europe, Middle East, Indian sub-continent and Africa (EMEA).

  9. CIO Dinner Sound Bites - Great conversations at the top

    Times of great turbulence open doors for those who are able and willing to lead. In 2009, we reported on a set of interviews with CIOs that had moved beyond mere cost-cutting rationale and were ready to bond with their C-level colleagues to address the strategic challenges that lay ahead. In follow-up CIO dinners, we aim to explore the issues and opportunities further. The CIO Dinner Sound Bites series provide a peek into what was brought to the table.

  10. KBC Logo

    Shadow or not? A business intelligence tale at KBC Bank

    This case allows for an elaboration on the nature of competing on analytics, and an exploration of the Business Intelligence (BI) environment in support hereof. At the same time, the case enables a discussion about the oftentimes delicate balancing act of combining a need for enterprise-wide integration and standardization of a technology platform on the one hand, and on the other hand an idiosyncratic business-side demand for less constrained and more entrepreneurial use of technology for business generation.

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