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  1. CIO Dinner Sound Bites - Great conversations at the top

    Times of great turbulence open doors for those who are able and willing to lead. In 2009, we reported on a set of interviews with CIOs that had moved beyond mere cost-cutting rationale and were ready to bond with their C-level colleagues to address the strategic challenges that lay ahead. In follow-up CIO dinners, we aim to explore the issues and opportunities further. The CIO Dinner Sound Bites series provide a peek into what was brought to the table.

  2. Vitality

    Change strategy: should you pre-programme change or let it branch off?

    Globalisation, the explosion of technology, rapidly changing laws that keep piling up, increasing consumer demands, takeovers and mergers, periods of crisis… what all these things have in common is that processes of change are becoming increasingly frequent and intense. We have no doubt that organisations are continually subject to change. The question remains how we can best deal with change to obtain a committed change process.

23 results Number of Results per Page