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  1. The data-driven project manager

    Data-driven project management in clear language

    Professor Mario Vanhoucke has eight academic books to his name. But his latest title, The Data-Driven Project Manager, is written in the form of a story. It follows Emily Reed – a young project manager who uses data to make decisions. The characters and dialogues are all based on real people and Mario’s years of professional experience.

  2. Growth

    The Secrets to Managing Business Analytics Projects

    Managers have used Business Analytics (BA) – which is a subset of business intelligence (BI) – to inform their decision making for years. Recent studies point to its growing importance, not only in analyzing past performance but also in identifying opportunities to improve future performance. As business environments become more complex and competitive, managers need to be able to detect – or, even better – predict trends and respond to them early. Companies are giving business analytics increasingly high priority in hopes of gaining an edge on their competitors.

  3. Turbo

    Plane Sailing: modelling can solve bottlenecks in complex work rosters – and cut costs

    A maintenance company whose staff provide day and night coverage for airlines on a complex flight schedule needs to keep its labour costs down without alienating unions yet remain flexible enough to cover for the unexpected. Time to call in an algorithm. This project, explained in the paper “Improving Workforce Scheduling of Aircraft Line Maintenance at Sabena Technics”, demonstrates the potential for optimization programming taking in diverse demand and supply variables to solve complex scheduling problems.

3 results Number of Results per Page