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    ING direct: rebel in the banking industry

    ING DIRECT is one of the six business lines of integrated financial services provider ING Group and active in 9 different countries. The case describes how ING DIRECT USA has become the largest Internet-based bank in the United States, and one of the thirty largest banks of any sort in the country.

  2. Social Media

    Taking the Commodity Bull by the Horns. The Success of

    This case describes the entrepreneurial process, as it happened for a manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards. It exemplifies the interplay between lucrative opportunities, entrepreneurial team and resources; addresses the role of the global marketplace for entrepreneurs; highlights the successful shift by the manufacturer to electronic business to break the product commodity cycle, and puts forward franchising as a potential growth strategy.

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    Business Process Management: quo vadis? Challenges and opportunities

    Adopting a process orientation means putting a vision into practice by making and committing to deliberate choices for organising and executing work. In order for Business Process Management (BPM) to be able to help businesses looking for an new vision and new ways to manage an ever more complex business context, BPM needs to evolve from a mere methodology (being a stepwise, structured approach to improving business processes – often synonymous for making them more efficient) into a holistic management discipline that takes an integrated approach to the organisation and its business as a whole.

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    Belgacom's Acquisition of Telindus: a One-Way Love Affair

    The Belgacom-Telindus cases revolve around corporate strategy and in particular the decision of the corporate parent to grow and expand the company via an acquisition. They lead the reader through the dynamics of an acquisition and serve to highlight the different strategic decisions involved before, during and after such a deal.

36 results Number of Results per Page