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  1. supply-infancy

    Supply Chain Risk Management, still in its infancy

    Undoubtedly, every manager in charge of a supply chain has stories of deliveries that got delayed, suppliers that had a major breakdown, factories that suffered from quality issues, shipments that were blocked in a port or products that had to be recalled. Natural disasters – such as floods, volcanic eruptions or earthquakes can also cause major disruptions to supply chains. Ironically, one of the main reasons that supply chain risk has increased in recent years is the implementation of supply chain best practices.

  2. tools-to-improve-performance

    Tools to improve performance: inventory reservation and nested allocation

    Companies often wish to provide different levels of service to different classes of customers. Customer differentiated service levels may be motivated by differences in the perceived customer lifetime value or by specific contractual agreements that include service level guarantees. One way to provide differentiated service levels is to reserve a certain portion of the available inventory exclusively for certain classes of customers.

  3. supply-chain-russia

    Supply chain challenges in Russia

    As Western markets are starting to become saturated, companies are looking for new growth opportunities. Countries that used to be targeted for low-cost sourcing are now changing into attractive end markets thanks to their rising GDP and wages. Russia is one of these markets.

  4. Connecting

    Assessing sustainability in the supply chain

    Companies are coming under increasing social pressure to reduce the adverse impact of their operating activities. Professor Céline Louche, whose area of expertise is sustainability and related fields, and Professor Ann Vereecke, specialising in Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Strategy, set out to develop a tool to help assess to what extent a company has integrated sustainability into its supply chain.

25 results Number of Results per Page