Strategic innovation requires an open way of thinking!

Caroline Baert

What was my dream when I was little?

To become an archaeologist, traveling the world and looking for unknown civilizations!

What am I doing when I am not working on my PhD?

I am a big fan of contemporary art. I enjoy a strong cup of coffee or good food with friends and family. I like to spend time with my twin boys.  

What is my PhD about?

Disruptive technologies, business model innovation, the digital revolution,… Why is it that some companies are in the driver’s seat, while others do not see which changes are coming? Managers develop their strategy based on their ‘cognition’, their understanding of the business environment. Innovation requires managers to make changes and adapt their cognitive understanding. But what are potential approaches to do so?

Why is this important for practice?

Managerial cognition influences which innovative technologies are developed or copied, how firms cope with digitalization, how resources are put to use, etc. I hope to offer managers new insights on how to ‘open their minds’ in the pursuit of innovation.

How do I like to be remembered after my PhD?

As a rigorous researcher working on innovative topics.

Want to know more about Caroline?

Caroline is currently lecturer at Howest, Belgium.
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