Managing reputational risk between business partners in sustainable supply chains

David Schamari

What was my dream when I was little?

As a kid I wanted to become a professional computer gamer. Ever since I started gaming I was fascinated by economic simulation and strategy games. Things changed though when I grew up and got involved in martial arts training. Unfortunately, I was not quite good enough for becoming a true master, but I still do admire martial artists today.

What am I doing when I am not working on my PhD?

When I am not reading or writing for academic purposes, I enjoy weight training, endurance sports, cooking delicious vegan food, visiting friends and travelling. I also love learning about new technologies, including computer hard- and software, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, big data and deep learning.

What is my PhD about?

My PhD focusses on reputational risks in supply chains. The ongoing digitalisation has facilitated transparency in trading and supply chains and increases the ease by which goods and raw materials can be traced. As a result of this advance in technology and increasing consumer conscience, the sustainability of production, supply chains and business relationships has become increasingly important. Thereby, dependencies between supply chain members and business partners increase the chance of positive but also the risk of negative reputational spill over effects. Hence, understanding reputational risks in the value chain is crucial for developing best practices for risk mitigation. In my PhD thesis I try to get to the bottom of the reputational transmission effect and aim for developing mechanisms to mitigate reputational risk in supply chains.

Why is this important for practice?

As a former business consultant, I have gained detailed insights into supply chain management practices. Despite practitioner’s awareness of the importance of transparent supply chains, the importance of spill over effects for reputational risk remains poorly understood. My research will enable practitioners to manage reputational risks as an integral part of the overall risk management of a company’s sustainable supply chain management.

How do I like to be remembered after my PhD?

Ideally, I would like to be remembered as an open-minded, authentic and inspiring student, colleague, researcher and teacher.

How do I see my future?

In the present day and age, I think it is important to embrace the future with an open and flexible mindset. Currently, I see three options for my future career. The first one is an academic career, the second a job back in the private sector and the final option is to get involved in politics. For years I have been fascinated by the idea of making a positive impact on society through politics. I am curious where my life will lead me.

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Check out his cv page.

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