Machine learning and data engineering for fraud detection

Lennert Van der Schraelen

What was my dream when I was little?

When I was little, I had a lot of dreams. I wanted to become a cyclist, an ice cream vendor and as smart as professor Gobelijn (from the comic book Jommeke). Further, I dreamed of becoming an adventurer exploring the most beautiful waterfalls of the world.

What am I doing when I am not working on my PhD?

In my free time, I like to ride challenging tracks with my mountain bike and to play squash or padel. I also like to play (board) games with friends and investigate interesting mathematical matters. Normally, I sporadically go to metalcore concerts.

What is my PhD about?

In my PhD I will investigate the use of advanced machine learning and data-engineering to develop fraud detection models focussing on minimizing financial losses due to fraud.

Why is this important for practice?

The association of certified fraud examiners (ACFE) estimates that a typical organization loses 5% of its revenues to fraud each year. Further, the monitoring and detection of fraud does not only affect the revenues of companies, but also affects customer’s trust and business’s credibility.

How do I like to be remembered after my PhD?

I would like to be remembered as an enthusiastic person who delivered a useful contribution to the research field and the school.

How do I see my future?

The future is bright since I am eager to investigate these challenging matters. During the PhD, I expect to grow as a person and as a data-scientist. Afterwards, I hope to pursue a postdoc placement or to use my gathered knowledge in the private job market.

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