How far can humanity be taken by CONSUMPTION?

Qusay Hamdan

What was my dream when I was little?

As a child, I wanted to be a lorry driver. I thought they had the best job ever, as they are always travelling and have no connection to a certain place. I grew up to learn that this world is much bigger than any imagination, and that many humans on this planet have a hard time. I believe in education as a solution. Thus, I started my own trip in learning which is meant to be everlasting.

What am I doing when I am not working on my PhD?

I am fond of politics, literature and history. I try to learn as much of these as possible. I also like football, hiking and cooking. On social level, only most true and unconditional relations draw my attention, and that is why I value friendship and family the most.

What is my PhD about?

Influence of materialistic consumption on the well-being of the working class.

Why is this important for practice?

Consumption is believed to be a reason for major contemporary problems facing mankind, such as climate change, worker exploitation, growing levels of mental illnesses among young people, economic inequality, animal cruelty, increasing unhappiness connected to materialism,… The dilemma of overconsumption impacts mostly those who are unable to bear, it especially ‘vulnerable groups’ and the poor. Furthermore, the belief that consumers have the ability to resist marketing strategies and the ambitions of businesses to increase profits by increasing sales is an illusion.
Meanwhile, governmental policies are focusing on economic growth, which is believed to play a vital role in enhancing the above mentioned societal problems. A crucial change in public policies is required to ensure the needs of all communities can be taken into consideration. This necessitates research that contributes to a better understanding of the needs of all communities, which is exactly the focus on this PhD.

How do I like to be remembered after my PhD?

I would like to be remembered as a calm and a nice person. A colleague who is helpful and respectful. Above all, the one who did a good job.

How do I see my future?

In academia. I wish to be able to continue contributing to existing knowledge. I see that as the purpose of my existence.

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