The Platform Entrepreneurial Buyouts focuses on three sets of activities:

1) Research and cases

2) Education

3) Outreach

Research and cases

The platform produces management insights with respect to processes underlying successful entrepreneurial buyouts by conducting multidisciplinary academic research and synthesizing insights from previous studies.

The following aspects of the buyout process receive special attention:

1) Matching potential buyers with sellers
2) Managing relationships with the target owners
3) Sources of value generation in buyout transactions
4) Financing and structuring the buyout transaction
5) Managing the first 100 days of the buyout company

The Platform Entrepreneurial Buyouts conducts studies both for academic purposes and for commercial uses. Research has been undertaken on private equity and venture capital for a number of local and international agencies, private equity firms, and numerous other clients

The Platform Entrepreneurial Buyouts maintains an international network of academic and professional collaborators in the field of buyouts. The Platform is member of Transeo, a pan European network organization, with a mission to create awareness of the business transfer issue at regional, national and European level and to work on solutions and projects to improve business transfer at European scale.


Based on best practices abroad and research insights, the platform provides an advanced, action-oriented programme for individuals seeking buyout opportunities and practitioners involved in the different steps of the buyout process. Programs are organized as an open program and an elective for MBA students.

The following topics are included in these courses:

  • The motivation to undertake an entrepreneurial buyout
  • How to find a company to buy
  • How to run a due diligence process
  • Managing a transaction
  • Structuring a deal
  • Restructuring a business
  • How to generate value in a small business
  • Running a small company
  • Selling a business


The Platform Entrepreneurial Buyouts has a commitment to create awareness and spread knowledge with respect to entrepreneurial buyouts. The team, therefore, speaks at conferences, contribute to articles in the business press, approach intermediaries (e.g. BAN Vlaanderen, …) and organize roundtables.

Knowledge in Action

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