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The Healthcare Supply Chain Research Network brings together all stakeholders in the healthcare industry. All these different organisations in the healthcare industry can become a Member or a Prime Foundation Partner of the Research Network.

Specifically, these potential organisations are:

  • Pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and contract research organisations
  • Suppliers of medical tools and medical devices  
  • Healthcare Service and logistics providers
  • Hospitals and other care institutions

The research network works closely together with these industry partners and supports them in improving their supply chain performance. The research centre looks for members who want to be at the cutting edge of new research insights, who want to have visibility as an authority in this domain and who want to share experience with industry leaders.

Partners & Members 

The Healthcare Supply Chain Research Network will consist of Vlerick representatives, Prime Foundation Partners, and research members. All companies can choose between two types of partnerships in the Vlerick Healthcare Supply Chain Research Network: Membership or Prime Foundation Partnership.

Together with the Vlerick representatives, the Prime Foundation Partners form the steering committee that will determine the policy and strategy of the Research Network.

Prime Foundation Partner

Prime Foundation Partners support the Research Network more intensively than the research members do. They are entitled to all advantages of a member, but enjoy even more benefits.

A Prime Foundation Partner associates its brand name with the Vlerick Business School and enjoys intense visibility on the campuses of the school, during Vlerick corporate events and on all corporate communication of the school (programme brochures, website, magazine). Its logo will also appear on all communications and documents issued by the Research Network. The brand name will reach more than 100.000 people per year. The Prime Foundation Partner enjoys niche exclusivity in the Research Network. Prime Foundation Partners have a steering role in the research committee, defining the research strategy together with the Vlerick representatives. Moreover, Prime Foundation Partners have access to all conferences of Vlerick in the areas of supply chain management, operations, and business process management. They will be invited to a number of Vlerick’s corporate VIP events. Partners also have free use of the facilities and infrastructure of the school’s campuses for a number of times per year, and have privileged access to the MBA and masters students for recruitment.


Members are entitled to participate in all workshops and have access to all information and research reports of the Healthcare Supply Chain Research Network. The Research Network involves its members actively in the selection of topics and the research process. The research team will also attempt to develop practical tools to solve specific problems within the topic area, encountered by its members. Furthermore, participation in the Network will allow members to benchmark their supply chain efforts with their peers. Members also enjoy the benefits of a motivated network of organisations that share supply chain concerns and solutions. Moreover, members are invited to open Vlerick events.

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