Eric Dewaet

Eric Dewaet, Hospital Logistics
General Manager

"Our company takes care of the logistics handling and distribution of medical products to hospitals and care institutions. From this position, we work closely with manufacturers and distributors, as well as healthcare institutions. Our ambition is to observe and act upon the logistics evolution within the healthcare sector through research and networking and to obtain new ideas for the further extension of innovative solutions.”


Paul Moret, Acertys
Division Leader Customer Services

“Acertys offers medical products, systems and software solutions for hospitals and industry. Reliable delivery, technical support and services are essential in order to ensure smooth hospital operations. To realise our strategy of quality, reliability and customer service excellence in an innovative way, a good understanding of the local market is key. Research and networking support us in getting this.”


Chris Van Riet, Agfa Healthcare
Manager Supply Chain and Logistics

“Agfa Healthcare is a global player with a proven record in the manufacturing of film & print solutions, digital medical equipment and IT-systems. The introduction of new products like surgical procedure kits and contrast agents, requires a broader sector knowledge and a different supply chain approach. The healthcare supply chain research networks offers a platform where we can exchange ideas that support the further business development.”

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