Centre for Excellence in Leading Agile Organisations

Why a Centre for Excellence in Leading Agile Organisations?

While change is constant, the nature and speed of change we currently experience is unprecedented, driven as it is by technological innovation, cultural and societal value shifts, and changing demographics. This volatile and unpredictable environment requires leadership of a special kind: the ability to balance agility - i.e., the ability for organisations to adapt quickly - with a clear organisational vision and strategy.

The Centre for Excellence in Leading Agile Organisations, led by Prof Dr Katleen De Stobbeleir and Prof Dr Barney Jordaan, invests in business-relevant research and practical tools that help organisations and leaders find out how to not only survive but in fact excel in this turbulent environment.

What skills do leaders need to connect people, create a culture of trust and stimulate collaboration across silos, hierarchies and geographies? What structures do organisations need to realise a culture of open innovation and boundary spanning leadership? These are the questions that the faculty and researchers of the Centre tackle together with its members through co-creation and interactive sessions.

Objectives of the Centre for Excellence in Leading Agile Organisations

Through the Centre for Excellence in Leading Agile Organisations, Vlerick Business School makes available to its members experts in the fields of leadership, innovation, collaboration, organisational behaviour, conflict resolution, diversity and strategy. Through workshops, residential seminars and co-creation activities, academics and practitioners come together to develop effective practices and tools that help organisations adapt to, and thrive in complex contexts.

The Centre for Excellence in Leading Agile Organisations creates an interactive platform for individual and organisational learning and development by:

  • Exchanging experiences, know-how and practices during workshops, events, roundtables and seminars
  • Conducting rigorous research that is relevant to practice
  • Developing and testing new management concepts
  • Updating, improving and adapting existing tools to respond to changes in the environment
  • Sharing and transferring knowledge among the Centre’s members
  • Networking among members

Expertise within the Centre for Excellence in Leading Agile Organisations

  • Decision-making
  • Change and innovation
  • Inclusion and boundary spanning leadership
  • Open innovation
  • Leadership styles
  • Employee engagement
  • Collaboration, trust and ‘connectivity’ between people in the organisation
  • Cultural transformation and diversity
  • Strategy

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