The Centre for Mergers, Acquisitions & Buyouts researches existing and emerging issues in the M&A market, annually evaluates the Belgian M&A activity and analyses specific deals through case writing and top academic publications.

Research reports
  The M&A Monitor

This monitor provides a comprehensive overview of current trends and challenges in the domain of M&A in Belgium. The findings presented in this report are of great interest to all professionals active in the Belgian M&A market, as well as to decision makers on both the selling and buying sides.

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The Entrepreneurial Buyout Monitor

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Academic research
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Case writing
  • De Maeseneire W. Luypaert M.  2016. The Hilton hotels buyout by Blackstone: A nightmare or a fairytale?. ECCH Case Study. Reference no. 116-0011-1 (C) + 116-0011-8 (TN).
  • De Maeseneire W. Luypaert M.  2014. Analyzing deal structures in mergers and acquisitions. Can you make the right match?. ECCH Case Study. Reference no. 114-034-1 ( C) + 114-034-8 (TN).
  • De Maeseneire W. Standaert J.  2012. The 2008 Anheuser-Busch Inbev Deal: Successful M&A, Divestment and Financing Strategies in Harsh. ECCH Case Study. Reference no. 112-012-1 (C) + 112-012-8 (TN).
  • Devigne D. Van Daele E. De Maeseneire W.  2012. Autoparts: analysis and valuation of a distressed buy-out by a private equity investor - Case. ECCH Case Study. Reference no. 113-003-1 (C) + 113-003-8 (TN).
  • De Vriese C. Manigart S.  2007. Teaching Note Pizza Hut A: the management buy-out of Pizza Hut Belgium. 
  • De Vriese C. Manigart S.  2007. Teaching Note Pizza Hut B: the exit of the buy out fund. 


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