Laurence Einsweiler – Legal Director Belgium-Luxembourg, Europe/IDM Vaccines Legal Lead, Pfizer


The Centre for Excellence in Leading Agile Organisations has brought Pfizer a unique opportunity to meet with other organizations confronted with the same challenges and to benefit from their experiences in overcoming and even anticipating them successfully. We could also enjoy inspiring and real life examples that could help us better understand our environment and be equipped and re-energized to make a meaningful and positive impact on the world we serve, the patients, their family and of course all our colleagues.

Elke Willaert – HR Director BeLux, Microsoft

The VUCA world we are living in forces organizations to reflect even more intentionally then in the past on leadership capability. As HR professional, the ambition is to create a future-proof organization which is agile and sustainable to respond to a continuously changing business context, yet at the same time create an environment in which employees can grow and feel proud to be part of. The Centre for Excellence in Leading Agile Organisations offered us a great platform to connect with other companies from different industries and explore best demonstrated practices. It provided an opportunity to step back from the day to day operations. The academic perspective and research combined with valuable insights shared by colleagues proved to be an ideal “think tank” to challenge our own thinking and practices and generate new ideas. The workshops provided inspiration and energy, but also allowed us to network with great HR professionals and leaders in an informal and safe setting where it was ok to share our challenges and frustrations. Leadership will for sure be a continuous journey of trying new things and revamping the old but having a platform available as the Centre for Excellence in Leading Agile Organisations is like the North Star… every company should have one!


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