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Professor Dr Dirk Buyens
Programme Director
Vlerick Business School
T: 32 475 83 68 83
[email protected]
  Hannelore Waterschoot
Programme Director
T: 32 473 89 42 37
[email protected]
  Dr Emmy Defever
Project Manager
Vlerick Business School
T: 32 9 210 97 56
[email protected]

Why Vlerick Business School & Talentree?

Vlerick Business School: 

  • Top ranked European Business School 
  • We have a strong and unique business community and network 
  • Recognized for innovative and independent academic and applied research


  • Job Recruitment Services specifically for multicultural highly-educated talents 
  • Strong player in the ecosystem of multicultural talents 
  • Recognized for cross-cultural coaching

Deadline approaching!

The application process will close on the 18th of May 2018. After this date, it will no longer be possible to apply as a candidate for NiMAP. Apply now!

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