centre for excellence in supply chain management


The Centre for Excellence in Supply Chain Management offers both academic knowledge and practice-based expertise in the various aspects of supply chain management. We take a broad-based approach that also includes elements such as lean management, planning, control, decision-making techniques, forecasting and project management.
Thanks to our thorough knowledge, we can give your business optimal support and inspiration in analysing, improving and further developing your supply chain.


Improved insight into strategies and planning methods for the supply chain enables you to optimally serve the market, whilst preserving the delicate balance between production limitations and financial targets.
Furthermore, by bringing your supply chain in line with your business strategy, you can fundamentally improve your company’s performance.


Through access to a unique knowledge platform and relevant research that is ready to apply in practice.

  • participation in research into issues that you, as a member, can help to determine
  • development of practical insights and tools
  • networking and exchanging experiences


Supply Chain Managers, Operations Managers and Process Managers

  • with a strategic - rather than operational - profile
  • who want to commit in the long term and at a personal level so that we can guarantee openness and continuity within the group of members

& Rankings

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