Besides insights from academic research, we also offer you practical research with high relevance and direct applicability for your company. Our research is based on your needs and requirements as a member of our Centre.

Currently our research is mainly focused on working with standardised production platforms, collaborative shipping or other forms of collaborative shipping, the link between the supply chain and demand forecasting, and managing the demand side of the energy market.

  • Supply chain awareness
  • Supply chain mapping
  • Strategies and structures
  • Risk management
  • The role and function of the supply chain manager
  • The relationship between the supplier and customer
  • Supply chain performance measurement
  • Designing the supply chain network
  • Managing influencing factors such as pricing, revenue management, etc.
  • Digital transformation of the supply chain
  • Sustainable logistics
  • Purchasing management
  • Lean Operations
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) as a planning tool and production philosophy
  • Process thinking in manufacturing
  • Theory of Constraints methodology and bottleneck management
  • Manufacturing Resources Planning / Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Statistical inventory management
  • Supply and demand planning - forecasting
  • Project management (organisation, teams, evaluation, performance measurement)
Challenges and applications for sustainable and efficient logistics
  1. Collaborative shipping enables parties from different supply chains to work together with maximum efficiency by seeking opportunities to work together right from the planning phase. A special algorithm allows very large data sets for all the transport routes of one or more companies to be analysed very quickly, to look for ways to combine geographically compatible transport flows.
  2. The NexTrust research focuses on the development of an innovative business model with reliable, interconnected networks based on partnerships throughout the entire supply chain. There are also various pilot projects supporting the research. NexTrust is a consortium of 30 leading European experts on logistical collaboration. The initiative has received subsidies from Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.
Eandis chair in ‘Resilient Supply Chains’
  • A sustainable, agile supply chain enables businesses to react easily and quickly to fluctuations in demand. Along with the Flemish distribution system operator Eandis, we have investigated the use of smart meters, the integration of renewable energy into the network and the technological challenges affecting the supply chain.
  • Read more 'When “smart” becomes “intelligent”.'
The role of the supply chain in profitable growth (PwC)
  • In partnership with PwC, we have developed a framework to chart the different supply chain applications that companies can use to achieve profitable growth. This framework has been tested and validated in interviews and various interactive workshops with 16 multinationals.
  • Read more 'The supply chain: the new engine for profitable growth.'
Supply chain management in healthcare
  • We bring manufacturers, distributors, logistics service providers and care institutions together to gain insight into the possible benefits of partnerships between the different players in the supply chain. These benefits may be financial, but can also lead to improved reliability, quality or service.
  • Read more 'Collaboration in the healthcare industry.'
Supply chain risk management
  • Research in partnership with MÖBIUS, which identifies and classifies the different types of supply chain risk. That has led to the development of a simulation model enabling companies to analyse their supply chain against a list of supply chain risks and develop strategies to deal with these supply chain risks.
The supply chain executive
  • Research within the “Goodman Chair of Logistics” into the role and position of the supply chain manager, specifically within the food, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. The research revealed that supply chain management has grown into a fully-fledged and strategically important discipline. However, the extent of the role and its place within the organisation of a company varies considerably between sectors.
Centre for People in the Smart Digitised Supply Chain
  • We study the impact of the new trends in supply chain 4.0 on the people in our organisations. We aim to learn how organisations can cope with the different aspects of digitisation of the supply chain: the role people will play, the way decisions will be made, the connectivity between men and machine, … We envisage to share thoughts and experiences between practitioners and academics and between the different companies participating in the research centre.
Operations Management for hospitals
  • Hospitals sometimes vary greatly in terms of how they organise care and deal with patients’ needs. Nonetheless, the fundamental operational challenges are very similar. The MINOZ Research Centre contributes to better insight into the management of hospitals and their operational processes.
Operational Excellence Tool
  • This science-based tool maps your company’s current operational capacities and makes useful recommendations for further improvements tailored to your strategy.
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Forecasting Maturity Assessment Tool
  • This tool enables companies to map their forecasting processes. Compare yourself to other companies and discover the strengths and points for improvement in your demand forecasting processes.
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