Rudy Maertens – CEO, Alma General Hospital


As the CEO of a merged hospital, you are always negotiating with someone or other. That is why our whole management team decided to embark upon this fairly intense process. The NQ® model didn’t just give me insight into my own strengths and weaknesses, but also into those of our entire management team. Furthermore, the NQ® process gives you a clear picture of the human, psychological and technical aspects at play in negotiations. Thanks to the combination of academic insights and their conversion into practice, our membership has really made a difference to our negotiations. After a lot of practice, I hope I will be able to develop a spontaneous NQ® reflex, something you just do automatically, like breathing. The Centre for Negotiation Intelligence® & Conflict Resolution is helping me and my team to achieve this ambition. We apply the NQ® methodology and are still always surprised by the positive impact it has!

Virginia Geeraerts – Head of Remuneration, Eandis

New societal developments have forced us to take a different approach to social relations in recent years. We found out about the NQ® model through the Vlerick Negotiation Centre. We have learned this new ‘win more-win more’ approach through interactive workshops and a process in which we graft new academic insights onto hands-on case studies from our own practical experience. What is more, our Prime Foundation Partnership has enabled us to anchor our internal change process permanently in the organisation (access to knowledge, know-how, methodologies, individual coaching, etc.). It has given HR the tools it needs to fulfil its role as a business partner and develop projects together with the trade unions. Negotiation has come to mean much more to us than ‘social consultation’ or ‘social relations’ in the strict sense. It is an interaction process to solve problems, take collective decisions and implement them. We believe that intelligent negotiation is a skill that all leaders in our agile context need. That is why we extended our partnership in 2016 to integrate NQ® into our leadership culture and work towards a corporate NQ®.


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