Jan-Willem Rombouts - Restore


A lot of entrepreneurs face the same challenges when they want to upscale their business, whether it’s recruitment, corporate culture or a well-oiled sales department. Entrepreneurship 2.0 is an effective forum where entrepreneurs can share their experiences via workshops during which you can gain real insights.

Katrien De Clerck - Teamleader

Entrepreneurship 2.0 is a great support for Teamleader on many levels. Not only is it a fantastic platform for gaining access to relevant and high-quality expertise, you also meet other passionate entrepreneurs. You learn from one another and share recipes for success.

Dries Berckmans - Soundtalks


Entrepreneurship 2.0 is the ideal environment for like-minded young entrepreneurs to meet and discuss every aspect of running a business.

Pierre Buffet - Domobios


You address the main challenges facing scale-ups together with experts and CEOs from other scale-ups.

Wouter Uten - UgenTec


The round table discussions during the workshops are the perfect mix of both theoretical and practical insights needed to ramp UgenTec up into a higher gear. The clear focus on scale-ups brings together a group of related entrepreneurs to share their experiences and learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses.


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