Who gets what title? About the distribution of C-titles in young scale-ups

Entrepreneurship 2.0 Newsletter #3

With a founding team in place, one of the earliest difficult decisions founders need to make is on who gets what title.

Founders seem to be quite fond of C-titles. No less than 66% of multi-founder teams have at least one founder with a C-title at founding. 36% of teams even give C-titles to all founders at founding. CEO is by far the most popular choice: no less than 64% of founding teams appoint a CEO at founding.

In this newsletter we offer more insight into the distribution of C-titles among founders. Which factors influence this decision? Are there differences in remuneration depending on which title a founder gets? And finally, how is the equity split between the different C-titles?

We have also asked Anthony Viaene, CTO and co-founder of Bubble Post, to share his experiences with the division of roles within the founding team.

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