The Vlerick Centre for Financial Services

Why the Vlerick Centre for Financial Services?

The financial industry at large in Belgium is going through a major restructuring and repositioning drawing the lessons of the financial crisis and responding to new regulations (with some more still on the way) and to the new competitive environment.

Such repositioning is a major change from the past and a difficult challenge. Therefore, the sector would benefit from  an independent, objective, scientifically founded research capability to help make the right long term sustainable choices and to help with the transformation to the chosen business model.

The financial industry is facing many challenges but their actions today are still focused primarily on drawing the lessons from the crisis, on cleaning out the problems from the past, and on restoring short term profitability. A long term vision is more challenging because of these immediate issues as well as impact of current and future regulations.

The industry is less well equipped to face the long term challenges. Financial services organisations often do not have a research capacity, or a dramatically reduced one (except for the analysis of macro-economic data to support their capital markets and asset management activities). Moreover, financial institutions have lost credibility in the aftermath of the crisis. Therefore, the sector and the economy would certainly benefit from an independent research helping to re-establish an objective dialogue between all stakeholders towards long term sustainable solutions.

Objectives of the Vlerick Centre for Financial Services


The Vlerick Centre for Financial Services wants to become a specialised and independent platform for the financial services sector through both general and sector-focussed high-quality research and education. We want to be recognized as a centre of excellence, a leading knowledge-partner for the sector and leave a footprint in the financial services sector.

  • Contribute to a better understanding of the position, challenges and opportunities of the financial services industry in the new global environment.
  • Support the Belgian and European financial service industry through education and through research partnerships.
  • Ensure a pipeline of talent to the Financial Industry.
  • Support the Belgian Centres of Excellence in Financial Services and help them capitalise on proactive adoption of European regulation.
  • Describe and discuss the strategic and operational choices the Financial Services sector is facing and will face in an academic and objective manner.

Expertise within the Vlerick Centre for Financial Services

Vlerick Business School has a new campus in Brussels targeting the financial industry. The objective of the new campus is to deliver an all-inclusive approach to cover all management dimensions of the financial industry at large, including small and large banks, niche and universal banks, asset managers, securities funds, market infrastructure, payment of securities processing firms.

To service the long term challenges the industry is facing and to support the Centre for Financial Services education ambitions, Vlerick Business School will deliver as part of its full education and knowledge programmes a generic research centre with the objective to evaluate all major strategic challenges the industry at large is facing and to assess alternatives and choices to be made in terms of long term sustainability, leveraging core competences, competitive issues and regulatory impact of other changes.

Market Segment Approach triangle

The Vlerick Centre for Financial Services will focus on the different market segments: Banking, Insurance and Market Infrastructures. The research domains cover the following high-level domains:

  • Understanding the macro & regulatory environment
  • Understanding the financial management side of Financial Services
  • Understanding the business & operations management side of Financial Services

Knowledge in Action

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