Financial Services Dialogue 10 - October 2016


  • Introduction - Ignace R. Combes, Chairman of the Vlerick Centre for Financial Services
Beyond the sector of financial services
  • Why banks are well positioned to aggregate their ecosystem - Fredrik Hacklin, Associate Professor at ETH Zurich
  • VIDEO: Discover what makes a city “smart”. In this video interview, Vlerick researchers Joachim Van den Bergh and Lieselot Danneels unfold how the smart city concept relates to cross-industry ecosystems. They state examples and summarize the main challenges and obstacles, concluding on the related opportunities for financial institutions in specific.

  • Healthcare & Insurance - a connected toothbrush in an insurance business - Alex Frommeyer, Co-founder and CEO of Beam Dental
  • Using energy as a currency - The Ergo proposal - Sgouris Sgouridis, Associate Professor at Masdar Institute
  • A new hands-on tool for managing cross-industry innovation - Bart Devoldere, Post-doctoral Research Associate at Vlerick Business School

You can also download the Financial Services Dialogue of October 2016 (PDF format for printing).

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