Johan Thijs

Johan Thijs, KBC
Group Chief Executive Officer

KBC is already a Prime Foundation Partner for the "Impuls centrum Groeimanagement voor Middelgrote Ondernemingen" of Vlerick and is very pleased to now become a Chair partner as well for the Vlerick Centre for Financial Services. As a socially responsible company, we believe it is important to support focused scientific research and education that can foster the development of the financial services industry in Belgium and abroad ; in the same context KBC also thinks highly about  the continued education of people which will also be stimulated by this initative. The Vlerick Centre for Financial Services wants to be a centre of excellence and leading knowledge partner for the financial sector. Therefore it is very close to the heart of a leading financial institution like KBC where customer focus/client centricity, performance and innovation are key priorities. We are looking forward to an interesting and fruitful cooperation that will also allow us a continued improving service to our clients.”

Bart De Smet

Bart De Smet, Ageas
Chief Executive Officer, Ageas Group

This partnership projects a positive image not only for our company, but for the wider financial services sector. Vlerick’s Centre for Financial Services is an important, interesting and promising initiative in Brussels that increases the visibility of Belgium as a financial market centre. Teaming up in this Centre will improve our human resources prospects, encouraging young people to join us and attracting good talent with an academic foundation.”

Rik Reumkens, Rabobank
Programme Manager Leadership & Talent Development

“We were looking for a dedicated partner who would be able to understand the essence of our cooperative Rabobank organisation. And also a partner who would invest with Rabobank in a new and innovative design for the new Rabobank Management Curriculum. The staff and faculty of Vlerick Business School proved that they understood our typical cooperative roots. In collaboration with the Rabobank Learning Center, they designed a tailor-made management programme that fits within Rabobank’s vision of learning and development.”

Guido Funke, Munich Reinsurance Company
Chief Executive Aerospace & Special Services

“SOFIA is a nicely designed interactive simulation of how to run an insurance company. We played it in teams of up to six members, and we had to make a whole series of hard-fact insurance decisions such as premium levels and investment and reinsurance strategies. Whilst that was very helpful in understanding the interactions within an insurer, it was the ‘soft’ decisions – such as vision and strategic goals – that made it a truly enjoyable, very real and highly recommendable experience. The fact that our team was composed of experts from all areas ensured that enormous knowledge was transferred during the team discussions.”

Hans De Cuyper, AG Insurance
Chief Executive Officer

“After 10 years in the insurance industry, the MBA-FSI was the perfect opportunity for me to extend my horizons into other disciplines – as well as regions – of the financial services industry. The MBA-FSI provided a perfect balance between my technical background and my desire to develop senior management skills. Definitely, the programme was the prime driver for my decision to begin an international career by working and living in Asia for a few years. I’m very pleased to have had the opportunity to follow this programme – it has changed my personality and business career!”


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