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Vlerick sees the need for managerial responsibility and business contributions to sustainable development that go beyond the standard corporate social responsibility and ethics programmes offered by many other schools. The School recognises that this approach to management will become more critical to tomorrow’s leaders through today’s education. The School has taken an embedded approach to managerial responsibility and sustainability that involves all students being exposed to these ideas in dedicated courses as well as in a range of other courses in the portfolio of programmes, such as strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship.

In addition the school’s commitment to learning though real world experience means that participants in the full-time MBA programme take part in Giving Something Back projects. These projects involve a student group working on a current issue of concern to a non-governmental organisation or social enterprise anywhere in the world. 27 projects were conducted in 2011 included the circumstances for disadvantages social groups on the Galapagos Islands, disadvantaged children in Sri Lanka, economic development opportunities for refugee groups in South-East Asia as well as rural energy schemes in Africa or community and social projects closer to home in Belgium.

A Research Partnership that Supports Management Practice

  • Vlerick is a founding partner of the Academy of Business in Society (ABIS). Members of Faculty were actively engaged in the management of ABIS. The School is a partner of Solidaritest, a Belgian Awards in the areas of social solidarity and a member of Kauri, a multi-actor learning network and knowledge centre on Corporate Responsibility.
  • AFC Leuven and Vlerick Business School joined forces for the second edition of the CleanTech Challenge an innovative competition for students in Belgium in cooperation with the International CleanTech Challenge in London.
  • The first CSR Barometer in Belgium was published in partnership with Business and Society Belgium and Louvain School of Management.
  • Vlerick is one of the major partners of the CSR Impact project, the largest European Commission funded research project that examines the impacts of CSR practices in Europe. Of course the School’s faculty have a commitment to share their knowledge and findings through books and papers, conferences and presentations to academic, policy maker and practitioner audiences as well as supporting other scholars to develop their contribution to this field by reviewing and editing material of participating in the management of meetings and conferences. Corporate responsibility, business and sustainability, responsible and sustainable finance are areas where Vlerick faculty are known and recognised within Europe and further afield.

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Does your organisation benefit from a strong interaction between theory and practice? Are you looking for a directly applicable solution? Professors and researchers in the management domain of Governance & Ethics of Vlerick Business School develop special expertise around Governance & Ethics through research and share this with companies in a variety of ways. We’re certain to have a collaborative formula that is perfect for your company ranging from an in-company project executed by our students to a faculty led workshop to a customised research project. Contact us to discover the possibilities!

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