MINOZ Research Centre

Why the MINOZ Research Centre?

Healthcare is increasingly important in our society and the sector represents about 10% of our GDP. Demographic changes, like ageing population, and budgetary constraints put pressure on the system.

Hospitals feel the need to improve their operational efficiency, without jeopardising the quality of care. Hence, more and more attention is directed towards (operational) management within hospitals. The organisational  complexity of hospitals makes it impossible to blindly copy management practices out of other sectors.

MINOZ wants to respond to those needs. Our research is practice-oriented and our interactive approach helps you to apply operational insights within your own organisation!

Objectives of the MINOZ Research Centre

MINOZ wants to be recognised as an important knowledge centre for operational management within hospitals. Its objective is to generate and spread insights on hospital operational management, by bringing together theoretical frameworks, practical knowledge, applied and focused research, benchmarking and case studies. By sharing its research with its members and partners, MINOZ ultimately contributes to concrete management solutions within the healthcare sector. Next to that, MINOZ aims to constitute an internationally reputed platform for relevant academic research.

Expertise within the MINOZ Research Centre

The main expertise within the MINOZ research Centre lays in operational management, applied in hospitals. This year we conduct research on bed occupancy: supply and demand. In the past, the following themes have been discussed:

  • Intensive care
  • Process management in oncology and internal day hospital
  • The hospital pharmacy of the future
  • Patient streams within the hospital
  • Improve your inventory management
  • Patient flow from emergency to nursing department
  • Service innovation
  • Non-operative time in the operating theatre
  • Hospital reception: front- and back-office 


Knowledge in Action

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