Pascal Verdonck

Pascal Verdonck, AZ Maria Middelares
General Director 

“AZ Maria Middelares is in the middle of an important change trajectory, given the development and construction of our new campus building. This project challenges us to not only focus on the care we deliver, but also assess the underlying care support processes. For this, we successfully call on the expertise of MINOZ and its networking opportunities. Our employees are getting trained and acquire the most recent management knowledge within the field.”

John buyckx

John Buyckx, AZ Sint Lucas
General Director

“The ‘Surgery Changeover Game’ demonstrates how visualisation can contribute to problem identification. Within our organisation this was the first acquaintance with lean management. After this interactive game, we were ready to get started ourselves and critically evaluate our processes in our organisation. Very enriching, hungry for more!”

Rudy Maertens

Rudy Maertens, AZ Alma
General Director

"There is a tendency to group medical material for operations. However, it is unclear what the exact composition of those sets should be. What’s the operational impact on ‘picking and storing’? Is it, for some settings, useful to have more than the minimal needed material, and if so, what’s the additional cost? The proposed optimisation model allows us to test and evaluate different scenario’s prior to supplier negotiations and actual custom pack configuration.”

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