One of the main objectives of the centre is to develop reward management as an essential cornerstone for competitive business management. Reward management is a tool for strategy implementation, leading to and facilitating the realisation of the organisation’s objectives in line with external and internal contextual factors.

In this perspective the centre undertakes a variety of activities to develop and exchange knowledge on good practices in the field of reward management. The centre deals with reward policies, systems and procedures applicable to operational employees and management (excluding top management1). It is our aim to make sure that the partners and research members realise a permanent competitive advantage by working out and implementing a strategic reward policy. The figure below gives an overview on the structure and activities of the Centre for Excellence in Strategic Rewards.


1 Our Executive Remuneration Research Centre focuses on remuneration for top management.

Knowledge Creation

  • The centre develops new concepts and tools on the basis of applied research. This practice-oriented knowledge creation is fostered by exchanging experiences and maintaining close contacts with different stakeholders (national and supranational governments, employers’ associations, unions, press).
  • We are continuously watching trends which will or can have implications in the field of rewarding. Consequently, we anticipate future evolutions and develop points of view that enable partners and members to build long-lasting and high performing reward policies.
  • The participating companies invest in applied scientific research, that leads to useable knowledge and concepts.

Experience Exchange

  • The members of the Centre for Excellence in Strategic Rewards are part of a growing network of reward professionals. In our centre we strive for a high degree of openness in order to fully harvest the benefits of our knowledge-creating network.
  • The discussion platform on our extranet enables partners and members with specific questions to start up a discussion with their colleague-reward-professionals.

Knowledge Transfer

  • The CESR workshops are intended to transfer knowledge from both academic and company viewpoints.
  • The newest concept is the setting up of 'focus groups'. These are real 'work meetings': CESR partners and members meet in small groups (10 to 12 persons), and exchange and develop vision around very specific and practical rewarding issues. The outcome of these focus groups can directly be used in a concrete company context.
  • The Extranet of CESR (only accessible for partners and members) is intended to develop a real knowledge centre so that partners and members always receive up-to-date information on our activities, recent developments,...


  • The centre maintains close contacts with the political world in order to keep the regulator aware of business needs and concerns.
  • We are frequently asked for expert advice on law proposals.


  • The centre organises reward conferences for members and other interested parties where actual topics and recent developments are discussed.

Knowledge in Action

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