Centre for Excellence in Strategic Talent Management

Why a Centre for Excellence in Strategic Talent Management?

Looking to stay in touch with state-of-the-art theory and practice in Strategic Talent Management? Vlerick’s Centre for Excellence in Strategic Talent Management (STM) has built up more than 20 years of expertise in the field of talent management and HRM at large. The Centre’s mission is to put Strategic Talent Management on the map as a strategic ‘decision science’ in today’s organisations. In line with the idea expressed by Boudreau and Ramstad, we believe that ‘Talent Management is to HR what finance is to accounting and what marketing is to sales’.

The Centre focuses on managing employee performance and development in both the short and long-term. It conducts business-relevant research and offers organisations access to a unique knowledge platform. Specific attention is paid to developing practical relevant insights and tools that support organisations in enhancing their talent management practices and becoming high performance organisations. So, join a leading network in Strategic Talent Management – become a partner or member today!

Adding value to your talent management strategy

Organisations that want to solve the paradox of retaining competent, motivated and high performing employees, without guaranteeing them lifelong employment, need better insight into strategic options that are available for managing talent. The Centre for Excellence in Strategic Talent Management (STM) strives to contribute fundamentally to the HR community by building a sound basis for making high-impact decisions and by developing practical management tools to support top management, line management and staff. By focusing on ways to implement effective talent management practices, organisations can leverage their image as an attractive employer for future employees while enhancing the engagement of current employees.

Objectives of the Centre for Excellence in Strategic Talent Management

Through the Centre for Excellence in Strategic Talent Management (STM), Vlerick Business School provides experts in the field of HR, and talent management, in particular. Via workshops and joint projects, solutions are generated for developing effective talent management practices and for enabling talents to grow throughout the organisation, thereby matching individual needs with organisational goals. The Centre strives to add value to individual and organisational learning and development on the subject of talent management by:

  • Exchanging visions and practices 
  • Conducting rigorous research that is relevant to practice 
  • Developing and testing new management concepts 
  • Updating, improving and adapting existing tools to respond to changes in the environment 
  • Networking amongst colleagues 
  • Presenting best practices in the field of talent management

CESTM team

From left to right: Prof Dirk Buyens, Drs Inge De Clippeleer,
Prof Koen Dewettinck, Dr Sara De Hauw, Ine Willemse, Dr Emmy Defever

Expertise within the Centre for Excellence in Strategic Talent Management

  • Talent development in an agile world 
  • Managing inter-generational workforces 
  • Retention and engagement 
  • Performance management 
  • Developing a talent management strategy 
  • The impact of evolutions in the external business context on talent management

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