HR Barometer

For the third year in a row, Vlerick Business School and Hudson have launched the HR barometer on the trends and challenges in HRM in Belgian organisations. The barometer explores the HR priorities of leading companies operating in Belgium and gives an overview of the shifts in these priorities over time.

The HR barometer is a yearly initiative launched and involves two parts. The first part of the barometer focuses on the strategic importance of different HR practices and policies, so that over time, the shifts in these priorities can be explored. The second part examines a hot topic in HR. For this edition of the HR barometer, we specifically looked into the topic of HR impact on the organisation.

This report provides you with an overview of the most important results of the study in 2017 and the shifts compared to the study of 2016, based on a quantitative analysis of the HR priorities of leading Belgian organisations. We hope this quantitative report provides you with interesting and useful insights. You can find the results of the HR barometer 2017 following the link below.

Download the HR Barometer 2017

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